Canada's economy shrinks in Q3

Thursday Nov 30th, 2023


Canada's economy shrinks in Q3 A slowdown is well underway By Fergal McAlinden 30 Nov 2023   The Canadian economy contracted in the third quarter by 1.1% compared with the previous year, according to the national statistics agency. Statistics Canada said on Thursday that the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) also fell on a quarterly basis, inching downwards by 0.3%, although it revised its April-to-June figures from a contraction to growth... [read more]

Where are Interest rates headed?

Thursday Nov 9th, 2023


Compliments of the BDC, Nov 2023 Economic letter Where are interest rates headed? In its last two rate announcements, the Bank of Canada opted to maintain the status quo, keeping its key rate at 5.0% since July 12. Now that the U.S. Federal Reserve has also hit pause on its rate hikes, many are wondering if we could actually be done with tightening for this cycle. Could we even expect the Canadian central bank to lower rates soon? Is the Bank of Canada done... [read more]

Your Dream Family Home Awaits in Oakville's River Oaks Neighborhood at 37-2272 Mowat Ave

Wednesday Nov 8th, 2023


Introduction Are you searching for the perfect family home in the picturesque town of Oakville, Ontario? Look no further! Nestled in the charming River Oaks neighborhood, this lovely townhome is a fantastic opportunity for anyone seeking a comfortable and well-connected family-friendly community. In this blog, we will explore the many benefits of living in this desirable area and the unique features of this townhome that make it a must-see property. River Oaks: A Family-Friendly... [read more]

Discover Your Dream Family Home in Oakville's Charming Bronte Neighborhood

Wednesday Nov 8th, 2023


Are you searching for the perfect family home nestled in the heart of Oakville, Ontario? Look no further because we've got an incredible opportunity for you! This charming home in the sought-after Bronte neighborhood is a real gem, boasting features that will make you fall in love at first sight. Let's take a closer look at what this remarkable property has to offer. Spacious and Functional With just under 2000 square feet of living space, this family home is a shining example of... [read more]

Investing in Canadian Real Estate: A Guide to Mortgage for Rental Property

Monday Nov 6th, 2023


October 24, 2023 as published in Canadian Real Estate Wealth   Investing in Canadian Real Estate: A Guide to Mortgage for Rental Property Canadian Real Estate News The Canadian real estate market has flourished over the past few decades, becoming a global investment hub thanks to a stable economy, sound regulatory framework, and diverse opportunities in both urban centers and emerging markets. This growth, fueled by factors such as high immigration and low-interest rates,... [read more]

Bank of Canada likely to begin cutting rates in mid-2024: CIBC's Tal

Wednesday Oct 18th, 2023


Bank of Canada likely to begin cutting rates in mid-2024: CIBC's Tal The overnight rate could settle around 3%, according to leading economist Bank of Canada likely to begin cutting rates in mid-2024: CIBC's Tal By Fergal McAlinden 18 Oct 2023 The Bank of Canada will probably start cutting interest rates by the middle of 2024 – and its overnight rate is likely to settle around 3%, according to CIBC deputy chief economist Benjamin Tal (pictured top). Speaking at the Mortgage... [read more]

House Flipping Tax Implications

Wednesday May 31st, 2023


House Flipping Tax Implications Canadian Real Estate Wealth by Helana Mulder on 15 May 2023       House flippers have grown in popularity over the last number of years because of various home renovation shows and a desire by many people to make quick profits.  Property flipping can be a profitable venture for real estate investors. However, there are several financial considerations and pieces of tax advice to consider before embarking... [read more]

Will Liberals put a tax on primary residence sales?

Tuesday Apr 26th, 2022


Will Liberals put a tax on primary residence sales? by Corben Grant on 25 Apr 2022 as published in Canadian RealEstateWealth One thing that all real estate investors are painfully aware of when they plan on owning a property is the capital gains tax. With the rules currently in place, you must pay capital gains taxes on the profits you make from the sale of a home or other real estate. This is applicable mostly to investors because, notably, the tax makes an exemption for a home that... [read more]

How to Use Your RRSP to Maximize Your Down Payment

Friday Mar 11th, 2022


How to Use Your RRSP to Maximize Your Down Payment March 9th, 2022 View Larger Image Saving a down payment for a house can be a daunting task. In this day and age, it can take years to save up enough money to afford a home, depending on various personal and economic factors. However, the Canadian government has created a Home Buyers’ Plan program, which allows first-time homebuyers to withdraw up to $35,000 from their Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) to increase... [read more]

Free Report- 6 Things to Check BEFORE Buying a Home

Thursday Oct 14th, 2021


Buying that place you call Home? Don't get caught off guard! There are a few things you should check before taking the plunge, Read more at: [read more]

Greater Toronto Real Estate Market Report (2021): RE/MAX Canada

Thursday Aug 19th, 2021


Greater Toronto Real Estate Market Report (2021): RE/MAX Canada August 18th, 2021 Greater Toronto real estate seen staggering growth in single-detached sales and average price, little sign of slowing despite shortage of available listings Year-to-date sales in York Region rise close to 110 per cent while Peel and Central Toronto almost double over 2020 levels, Nearly half of 60 TRREB districts reporting year-over-year average price increases in excess of 25 per... [read more]

Toronto Condos spring back to life.

Thursday Jul 22nd, 2021


Condos Spring Back to Life in Toronto Real Estate Market July 8th, 2021Condos Spring Back to Life in Toronto Real Estate Market July 8th, 2021 For years, one of the hottest segments of the Toronto real estate market was condominiums. The skyline of the Big Smoke had been lined with construction cranes and glass towers rising on nearly every corner of the downtown core. Indeed, views of the city from Centre Island have vastly changed over the last decade. The upward trajectory suggested... [read more]

Will the Mortgage Stress Test Cool the Canadian Housing Market? (2021)

Saturday Jun 5th, 2021


Canadian Real Estate and the New Mortgage Stress Test (June 1) June 1st, 2021 View Larger Image     Homebuyers entering in the Canadian real estate market are facing a slightly bigger obstacle starting today, with the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) implementing a higher threshold for the mortgage stress test. Under the new rules, the minimum qualifying rate for uninsured mortgages... [read more]

How Much Does It Cost to Build a House in Ontario, Canada (2021)?

Wednesday Jun 2nd, 2021


How Much Does It Cost to Build a House in Ontario, Canada (2021)? June 2nd, 2021 View Larger Image     The cost of building a house in Canada Getting a loan for building a house Average time to build a house Ways of reducing costs when building a house Alternatives to custom-built homes The average cost to build a house in Canada ranges from $120 to $195 per square foot for a detached... [read more]

Toronto Real Estate Speculators Causing a GTA Market Bubble?

Tuesday Apr 20th, 2021


As many of you know, the hot topic in the GTA right now is housing affordability and the cause of rising prices. Some put the blame on speculators, which we know to be false. Learn why in this article from RE/MAX Canada & share these social images on your channels to help keep your clients informed! There’s been a lot of talk of a “housing bubble” in the Greater Toronto real estate market. Many pundits are talking about speculators – domestic investors... [read more]

Bidding Wars... Remember Johnny Cash?

Thursday Jan 21st, 2021


We are still in a Seller’s market. Inventory is still low, and the competition remains fierce. This leads many to question multiple offers, and how do you win a bidding war?  Well, first of all, lets all not play stupid. Make sure that your home shopping budget and sense of comfort align with what you are seeing. And make sure your Agent is showing you homes that match that budget/comfort level. But does an MLS® home listed at a million mean that's the market value or... [read more]

Where is the Boomer Mindset

Monday Jan 18th, 2021


Pleased to share this article from a member Association that I belong to...Pivotal ASA® As we age, we go through stages of life, each of which has it’s own developmental agenda. For seniors, their primary developmental agendas are to prevent loss and to determine their legacy. Preventing the loss of things like independence, control over healthcare and/or living arrangements, physical health and strength and consultative authority is a perfectly natural desire, given the lifetime of... [read more]

3%,4% or 12%, where is the housing market outlook for your area?

Friday Jan 1st, 2021


The GTHA and Niagara housing market has seen average residential prices rise and inventory dwindle in 2020, which has been a common trend across many Ontario housing markets, resulting in rising prices. But some homebuyers could be in for some relief, with the current seller’s market potentially beginning to transition differently in some regions in 2021. Check out some different outlooks... [read more]

Neighbour Joe and Landscape James

Monday Aug 24th, 2020


Joe's my neighbour and periodically we catch each other as he walks by the house on route to pick up his mail. We chit chat and because he knows I'm a Realtor, he'll ask a few questions about the market.  Today he asked me if I was getting into Landscaping? He saw me at my truck. Nope, Condos Joe and Condos with great Balconies that need to be showcased. Ya see these evergreens... Are going on a balcony in this building ' What I find amazing if you... [read more]

The Right Real Estate Saleperson Is There For You When You Look before You Leap

Friday Jun 19th, 2020


The First Step in Buying or Selling a Home 9 Tips for Selecting the Right Real Estate Salesperson   Buying or selling a home should be an awesome experience for anyone. The energy level heightens for the hunt and the adrenaline rush comes with the deal. The Realtor Market is hyper populated with Real Estate salespeople and the barriers to entry to be a Real Estate Sales person are low (but the barriers to sustained performance are high). Here’s a look at a few... [read more]

Passionate about that Victory Lap!

Wednesday Jan 1st, 2020


Who'd have thunk eh that at this time in my life it would be one of the most enjoyable "work" time periods I've experienced. Thanks to my daughter, I'm enjoying a good read...Victory Lap Retirement (Mike Drak,Rob Morrison and Jonathan Chevreau) and while it is engaging in itself, startling to think wow that's me they are writing about! I enjoyed an engaging conversation with a millenial the other day- someone who has just graduated and is finding (despite what I... [read more]

Hey Alexia, You have to have fun with being a boomer.

Sunday Nov 17th, 2019


Working an open house today, we constantly had to shout out over a very noisy intruder. For whatever reason, Alexia decided to play much louder music than what we needed and while we knew the key words to lower the volume, for some reason Alexia always wanted to get back to the louder setting.Despite my imagination running wild with thoughts of "OK Boomer"this Boomers solution was to unplug. Not sure how much you've heard about "OK Boomer" but in my case, I'm ok if... [read more]

Should you have the air ducts in your home cleaned?

Friday Oct 4th, 2019


Should You Have the Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned? Most people are now aware that indoor air pollution is an issue of growing concern and increased visibility. Many companies are marketing products and services intended to improve the quality of your indoor air. You have probably seen an advertisement, received a coupon in the mail, or been approached directly by a company offering to clean your air ducts as a means of improving your home's indoor air quality. These services typically... [read more]

Quarterly InHouse Newsletter + great investment opportunities

Thursday Sep 26th, 2019


Quarterly InHouse Newsletter- 6 mistakes to avoid when moving up to your next home + great real estate investment opportunities. Just click the link below and it should direct you to the adobe document. [read more]

Character Home Nestled in the Heart of one of Hamilton's Most Prestigous Neighbourhoods

Wednesday Sep 18th, 2019


4 Hilton Street, Hamilton, Ont Get Directions Click Here Description Photos Maps & Local Print $ Click for current price 3 BEDROOMS | 2 Baths (1 full, 1 half ) BATHROOMS | 1300 SqFt This Century home is set amongst some of the finest examples of residential architecture in all of Hamilton. Nestled in the heart of the highly desirable Durand neighbourhood and located on a small and cozy tree lined street, you'll discover an amazing opportunity to... [read more]

Sixty is the new Sixty

Tuesday Sep 3rd, 2019


Good read shared to me thru my Accredited Senior Agent™ designation. Sixty Is The New Sixty by David Solie One of the new mantras of aging in the twenty-first century is the refrain "sixty is the new forty." Maybe. Good health and an impressive array of lifestyle options certainly make many of today's sixty year olds look different compared to their parent's generation. But appearances can be misleading. In their rush to celebrate... [read more]

Sept Homeward Bound

Sunday Sep 1st, 2019


Labour Day Remains...   EHT SDRAWKCAB YADILOH Just my thoughts about Labour Day and if you would like to know more about those thoughts... Highlight the line below, then click to take you to my most recent newsletter. [read more]

Changing Lives

Saturday Aug 10th, 2019


Been a crazy summer so far and a real grateful experience for me in transitioning so many people from so many places to so many other places. I had in the past thought that I may have been in the real estate business but that's not where I get my smiles. I get my smiles from changing lives. I've helped a couple with their retirement dream and supported them with informative resources and connections that allowed them to understand the how to of realizing their dream of living on the... [read more]

Come Visit us at the Oakville Lifestyle Spring Home Show for a Fabulous Home Show Offer!

Sunday Mar 24th, 2019


I'm very excited to be an Exhibitor at the upcoming Oakville Home Show Aprile 5th,6th and 7th, Glen Abbey Rec Centre. I'll be joined by Mick Neale, Sales Representative at Royal Lepage Realty Plus Oakville and we are cooperating at this Home Show and offering attendees exceptional Real Estate Services!  Two Award Winning Agents Twice the Marketing Strategy Double the Value Delivering Extra Ordinary Reach and Extra Ordinary Results Ask about our Exclusive Save... [read more]

Deadline Fast Approaching for TREB 2019 Scholarship

Wednesday Mar 20th, 2019


Now Open: TREB $5,000 & $2,500 Scholarship Applications February 5, 2019 -- Do you know a high school senior who is en route to pursuing post-secondary education? They're likely eligible for a TREB Past President's Scholarship. Now in its thirteenth year, TREB's Past President's Scholarship program annually awards scholarships on behalf of TREB Member REALTORS® to graduating high school seniors pursuing post-secondary education, for example, university, college, or trade school. Two $5,000... [read more]

Hey Graduating High Schoolers heading to Uni or College this fall... Check out this Scholarship

Tuesday Jan 22nd, 2019


Hey, enter in an essay (or video, youtube etc) to win one of 4 $2500 scholarships to help you with your first year College/University fees! Get more info, the package & forms 👉🏻  ➡️ Winners will receive a bursary and be recognized at an Awards Ceremony in June! ➡️ OMDREB will be accepting applications until May 7, 2019. ➡️ If you should have any questions - or are ready to submit an essay - please send an email... [read more]

Drowning in Gratefullness is much better

Tuesday Jan 8th, 2019


This blog comes with a message...don't think it can't happen to you and if it does, hopefully you will have the same fortunate outcome.     My Brother in law and his friend fell thru the ice last week, went into a state of hypothermia and for the luck and  love of some drywall installers who became heros by rescue and for the expertise and care of medical first responders, they are alive.  My Sis kindly shared this little tidbit of information about... [read more]

Will These 9 Paint Colors Dominate Homes in 2019 writes Jennifer Ott December 17, 2018 Houzz Contributor.

Wednesday Dec 19th, 2018


Will These 9 Paint Colors Dominate Homes in 2019? Moody, earthy hues are on tap for the coming year Jennifer Ott December 17, 2018 Houzz Contributor. San Francisco-based architectural color specialist and design...More Email   SaveComment131Like120PrintEmbed As 2018 winds down and we turn our attention to the new year, it’s time to take a look at color trends on the horizon. This year’s batch of Color of the Year... [read more]

2018s Been a Great Year

Wednesday Dec 19th, 2018


Wow, can't believe 2018 is now history...but what great history for me it's been! I've met some absolutely incredible Clients this year from around the world who have now settled in Canada. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to help them settle in a new Country. And I've been fortunate to help Clients relocate to the GTA from both coasts of Canada...Vancouver and Newfoundland. How cool is that?  And I"ve listed, bought for, sold for, leased for all sorts of different transactions- homes,... [read more]

Buy that time, its too late...

Saturday Oct 14th, 2017


Yes, I know that in my headline "Buy" should be "by" but here is my point. Recently had someone come up to me and say -"hey, I knew I would see ya here and thought it would be a good time to ask you a couple of real estate questions" They went on to share what they had just done- sold a place and bought a place and not being familiar with the real estate world, wanted my thoughts on what they had done. Well...about 2... [read more]

I'm Tim and I have seen you a thousand times before...

Saturday Dec 24th, 2016


Not sure what my real estate legacy will be but must admit, really do love what I do and grateful that I wake up every morning still excited and appreciative of what I get to experience  I loved each and every journey I travelled this year with my Clients. A Sellers market for sure but in the, great experiences. Was able to share the joy of home ownership with several first time home Buyers, first time Investors, journeys to retirement and retirement communities,... [read more]

Neighbourhoods, being a kid and building memories

Wednesday Nov 2nd, 2016


I know I have fond memories of where I grew up. I treasure the school yard where we played the game called "British Bulldog". Still don't understand why the name is what it is but that's not important, its just the memory of the game and fun times of being young that is etched in my mind. I could never understand the empty nest neighbours who got a little upset when the football hit the hydro lines that ran up and down the streets. I dunno, maybe the football hitting the... [read more]

Who was that Cleaning Guy? (Published and transferred over from my previous website)

Saturday Oct 29th, 2016


I do stick to a pretty rigid process in marketing a property and part of that rigidity is related to my pre-sell program. It works so I stick with it. Most often it takes a little more time and more often than not, the neighbours seem to see a lot of me over a short period of time.   I've recently spent a couple of weeks prepping a house for market. Nothing too too major but just little stuff that as homeowners we don't have time for in our day to day life. It's just... [read more]

Power Wash that Insurance if you are not covered

Saturday Oct 29th, 2016


Omg, had people move into a house and 4 days later the waste lines in the house backed up. We kind of new it wasn't due to tree roots as the lines had been routed and a back stop valve installed previously and recent enough to know that this shouldn't have been an issue.   After a very unpleasant weekend disaster recovery, picked up several key learnings. First Published Sept 2015 First is, there is a maintenance concept called Power Washing for waste lines. Simply put,... [read more]

We all have our stories Customer Service Stories...

Saturday Oct 29th, 2016


So nice when we hear about/experience great Customer Service. But doesn't it drive you crazy when actions don't match words? I just had a great Customer experience with Chris from #Gates Wildlife. I saw that they were  Awarded The Best Wildlife Control Company by HomeStars in 2015 and 2016   They and Chris helped me out with helping out a Client. Responsive. prompt and handled a situation that was really outside the realm of "animal control". More related to... [read more]



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