I'm Tim and I have seen you a thousand times before...

Saturday Dec 24th, 2016


Not sure what my real estate legacy will be but must admit, really do love what I do and grateful that I wake up every morning still excited and appreciative of what I get to experience 

I loved each and every journey I travelled this year with my Clients. A Sellers market for sure but in the end...wow, great experiences. Was able to share the joy of home ownership with several first time home Buyers, first time Investors, journeys to retirement and retirement communities, downsizers, right sizers, rent to own and leases. Made new friends, saw old friends, referred by friends to friends, helped out family, helped out friends, kept networks, built netowrks, learned and helped others learn.

Big houses, small houses. Some done to the nines, some not so. Big repair jobs, small repair jobs. All good, all different.

Big Cities, small cities, east GTA, West GTA, North GTA.

Pretty Lucky guy, saw a lot, appreciated a lot.

And met Tim today, who brought a little smile to me.

Doorbell rings, I answer the door.

Big smile greets me with the words "I'm Tim and I've seen you a thousand times."

My legacy unfolds.

Because now I know that Tim, the Postman, really likes my flyers...

Life is good. Enjoy.







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