Buy that time, its too late...

Saturday Oct 14th, 2017


Yes, I know that in my headline "Buy" should be "by" but here is my point. Recently had someone come up to me and say -"hey, I knew I would see ya here and thought it would be a good time to ask you a couple

of real estate questions" They went on to share what they had just done- sold a place and bought a place and not being familiar with the real estate world, wanted my thoughts on what they had done.

Well...about 2 transactions 2 late is my thought.

And there is a lot that I could have offered to them. 'Cause that is what I do, day in and day out. And

they knew that but strange really that it felt better for them to ask me questions after the fact than before.

The very best time to reach out to someone you know (that's in the business) to talk about what is 

a very important financial decision (sometimes our most important one !) is

BEFORE you committ!

It's usually way to late after pen is put to paper. And by then it's all about

could have/should have/would have. Not usually the type of conversation that brings smiles to anyone.  

I'm not bragging (yes I am hehe) but just saying...there are always better tips and pointers

before you sign the deal!

Share this post if you know of someone who might be looking for a little insight into a future

real estate transaction. There's a link below that they (and I lol) will thank you for sharing!


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