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Saturday Oct 29th, 2016


So nice when we hear about/experience great Customer Service. But doesn't it drive you crazy when actions don't match words?

I just had a great Customer experience with Chris from #Gates Wildlife. I saw that they were  Awarded The Best Wildlife Control Company by HomeStars in 2015 and 2016   They and Chris helped me out with helping out a Client. Responsive. prompt and handled a situation that was really outside the realm of "animal control". More related to "animal damage" and he did a great job.

At the other end, after a 2 day delay to a "help desk" request for help that I initiated, I now understand that " We (they) take support very seriously and pride ourselves in being industry leaders in that department. Your second email was not the reason I responded, rest assured.

No, why would I think my reminder email for help had anything to do with the reason for their response, They were obviously repsonding to my first email.(?) I'm thinking that maybe in a few days they will respond to my second email.  But for $20 +HST they will offer me a solution for my first email....

Attended a great training session this week and they discussed a recent article posted in the Harvard Business Review.  it's titled "An Emotional Connection Matters More than Customer Satisfaction". Makes sense to me! The article can be found at




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