Neighbour Joe and Landscape James

Monday Aug 24th, 2020


Joe's my neighbour and periodically we catch each other as he walks by the house on route to pick up his mail. We chit chat and because he knows I'm a Realtor, he'll ask a few questions about the market. 

Today he asked me if I was getting into Landscaping? He saw me at my truck.

Nope, Condos Joe and Condos with great Balconies that need to be showcased.

Ya see these evergreens...

Are going on a balcony in this building


What I find amazing if you look closely at these balconies is that there doesn't seem to be much of anything on them. 

I'm listing a suite that has one of these balconies.

And what I find truly amazing is the differnce between the balcony of the suite I'll be selling and most other suites.

You see, you'll be able to spot the Suite once I put my evergreens on it.

But its not just the evergreens on the balcony that makes the difference.

They will just enhance what is truly different

There's only 3 suites on the picture you see with balconies that ought to bring more value.

Can you see what the difference is?

My Evergreens will just make this value stand out.

Any yes, there are suites for sale above and below the Suite we'll be selling

Do you they stand out? Nope. Will ours? Think so.

So Joe, I'm not getting into the Landscaping business.

Just love helping my Clients showcase their property values. 

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