Hey Graduating High Schoolers heading to Uni or College this fall... Check out this Scholarship

Tuesday Jan 22nd, 2019


Hey, enter in an essay (or video, youtube etc) to win one of 4 $2500 scholarships to help you with your first year College/University fees!

Get more info, the package & forms 👉🏻 bit.ly/2019-SCHOLARSHIP 

➡️ Winners will receive a bursary and be recognized at an Awards Ceremony in June!
➡️ OMDREB will be accepting applications until May 7, 2019.
➡️ If you should have any questions - or are ready to submit an essay - please send an email to John Rich, Communications Specialist - communications@omdreb.on.ca



Here are a few of the details:



You may enter one essay per topic if you choose, however, each applicant cannot be awarded more 
than one scholarship. Duplicate and incomplete submissions will not be considered. If you are 
submitting an essay for more than one topic, only one application is required. Application 
confirmations will not be sent out.

Group essay applications/submissions will not be accepted. Essay submissions must be made by an 
individual only.

All essays must be submitted in English.

It is the applicant’s sole responsibility to ensure that there is no plagiarism or copyright 
infringement in the submitted essay(s). Plagiarized material will result in an automatic 

The scholarship awards are open to graduating high school students residing locally and registered 
with a secondary school within the Board’s (OMDREB) jurisdiction, or whose parent is an active 
Member of OMDREB.

Essay submissions will be judged by an independent panel of judges. Video essays will be judged on 
content, not technical skills.

Applicant and secondary school names will be removed from all essay submissions that are presented 
to the panel of judges.

Scholarship award recipients will be contacted by May 28, 2019 concerning the status of their 

Please include the following with your submission:

• A referenced bibliography (where necessary).

• Two brief letters of reference (including current contact information for each reference).

• A current academic transcript from all secondary schools attended (photocopies of transcripts are 
sufficient, and transcripts will not be returned).

• A photocopy of proof of acceptance to a post-secondary institution or trade school, which

can be remitted when available.

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