Hey Alexia, You have to have fun with being a boomer.

Sunday Nov 17th, 2019


Working an open house today, we constantly had to shout out over a very noisy intruder. For whatever reason, Alexia decided to play much louder music than what we needed and while we knew the key words to lower the volume, for some reason Alexia always wanted to get back to the louder setting.Despite my imagination running wild with thoughts of "OK Boomer"this Boomers solution was to unplug. Not sure how much you've heard about "OK Boomer" but in my case, I'm ok if someone ever shares that with me. I think I'll get the point!

"OK Boomer" gained fame as a reaction to a video of this older man, in which he declared that " ;millennials and Generation Z have this Peter Pan syndrome, they don't ever want to grow up etc etc; and the retort of course was equally compelling including resistance to technology change etc. coining the phrase "OK Boomer". I'm OK being a Boomer. Enjoying much of what I can notwithstanding the aches and pain that might also come with being a Boomer.But I also feel I'd be a little bit of a hypocrite if I took exception to "OK Boomer" knowing full well that in the early days of the internet and email how less than understanding I was with my father as he tackled the learning curve of this innovative "new" technology. So while unplugging Alexia was this Boomers solution-what I failed to realize is the alert it sent to the Owner causing the Owner to dutifully instruct us to plug Alexia back in! Which reminded me so much of this funny SNL video about Seniors being challenged with Alexia ...

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