Power Wash that Insurance if you are not covered

Saturday Oct 29th, 2016


Omg, had people move into a house and 4 days later the waste lines in the house backed up. We kind of new it wasn't due to tree roots as the lines had been routed and a back stop valve installed previously and recent enough to know that this shouldn't have been an issue.


After a very unpleasant weekend disaster recovery, picked up several key learnings.

First Published Sept 2015

First is, there is a maintenance concept called Power Washing for waste lines. Simply put, the concept is to high power water blast the waste lines. This high pressure water blasts out the oils, grime and grease that build up over time. In this particular case, the rescue plumber advised that the scope of the waste lines showed near total occlusion about 70 feet into the waste pipe.


Second learning is that in this particular case, the Insurance was limited to $10K. The disaster recovery service pretty much consumed all of that with very little left to pay for the rebuild.


So today I called up my House Insurance Guy. Just wanted to make sure I power washed my insurance for any exclusions for sewer back up. It in itself is a nasty enough experience...no need to have a nasty bill to face after going thru that.


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