Drowning in Gratefullness is much better

Tuesday Jan 08th, 2019


This blog comes with a message...don't think it can't happen to you and if it does, hopefully you will have the same fortunate outcome.
My Brother in law and his friend fell thru the ice last week, went into a state of hypothermia and for the luck and  love of some drywall installers who became heros by rescue and for the expertise and care of medical first responders, they are alive. 
My Sis kindly shared this little tidbit of information about the awesome medical team at the Bellevillle Hospital. Often times we might hear stories of not so much love from Hosptial Hallway care, nice to be able to share the story of love and care and jubilation when Medical care truly saves lives. Words below from my Sis...
I have a lovely story to tell about the emergency department. There is a woman who has volunteered there for many years and she was there when they brought X and Y in. She said she has never seen such action as they were treated by all the emerge team. When they were stabilized one of the doctors yelled out "they are alive!" and everyone cheered and embraced. She said she will never forget this. So our guys went from the first miracle saved by the 3 young heroes, to the second, when they were saved by the  incredible medical teams both on the way to the hospital and upon their arrival. Then there were the next doctors and nurses who got them both through some rough moments as they recovered. They are all my heroes!

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