Changing Lives

Saturday Aug 10th, 2019


Been a crazy summer so far and a real grateful experience for me in transitioning so many people from so many places to so many other places. I had in the past thought that I may have been in the real estate business but that's not where I get my smiles. I get my smiles from changing lives. I've helped a couple with their retirement dream and supported them with informative resources and connections that allowed them to understand the how to of realizing their dream of living on the Atlantic Ocean in beautiful Nova Scotia. We made it happen. They are moving soon to 4.5 acres on the Atlantic Ocean. I've worked with transitioning a couple from a lush rolling 68 acres of farm in Uxbridge to the townhome condo comforts in amazing Peterborough. No more snow plowing, no more land worries. Less work for them and more time for them and more time for each other...pretty cool.I've helped a panicked Real Estate Agent Mother in Alberta secure a safe and affordable Condo lease for her daughter whose entering Medical School. We made it happen in 5 days.She starts school August 17th with one less worry (and a very happy Mom!). I had the pleasure of welcoming a family leaving the year round warmth of California sharing smiles with me about the multi season uniqueness of Canada. And the litte one is anxiously awaiting snow. And we are just a day away from a St. Louis family about to make a new splash in the pool of their new Oakville residence. Hopefully the dogs remember while roaming the huge lot that it does have a pool but if they fall in, no worries about a concrete pool with steps out. So this summer alone I've been so fortunate to have helped individuals from Alberta settle in Toronto, Uxbridge to Peterborough, Oakville to Nova Scotia, from California, from St.Louis and soon to be helping Oakville to Barrie and Ireland to the GTA! Can't ask for anything more than bringing changing lives smiles to transitiioning families. That's awesome.

Most importantly, all these changing lives have really helped my campaign to help more kids thru the Food4Kids program I support. Supporting Food4kids really does change lives.


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