Who was that Cleaning Guy? (Published and transferred over from my previous website)

Saturday Oct 29th, 2016


I do stick to a pretty rigid process in marketing a property and part of that rigidity is related to my pre-sell program. It works so I stick with it. Most often it takes a little more time and more often than not, the neighbours seem to see a lot of me over a short period of time.


I've recently spent a couple of weeks prepping a house for market. Nothing too too major but just little stuff that as homeowners we don't have time for in our day to day life. It's just stuff that takes away the shine from a property that is being marketed.


At an Open House today, we had some Neighbours drop in. The old "I've got a brother, sister, father, brother neighbours daughter looking for a house" story. Not complaining as It's all good as most of us seem to have a nosey side to us...thinking that's one of the things I like about Real Estate as it is a great chance to see how others live!


So we are chatting a little bit. "Has it be staged?". Yes, we moved around a few things. "Is that staging furniture". No, nothing is rented, we only use what is in the house and if we don't use it, we store it! "What else do you do?" Small stuff I say. We changed a few light fixtures, some baseboards and a few small things. "Wow, you did all that" Yes.


"Oh, they said, looks great" "And who was that cleaning guy we saw that you used" You mean the guy with the Black Truck? "Yes they said"


That was me I said. I'm the cleaning guy too!




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