Neighbourhoods, being a kid and building memories

Wednesday Nov 02nd, 2016


I know I have fond memories of where I grew up. I treasure the school yard where we played the game called "British Bulldog". Still don't understand why the name is what it is but that's not important, its just the memory of the game and fun times of being young that is etched in my mind.

I could never understand the empty nest neighbours who got a little upset when the football hit the hydro lines that ran up and down the streets. I dunno, maybe the football hitting the lines upset the TV signal or something. but I know then that I vowed not to be one of those grumpy old neighbours. 

I've got great neighbours, live in a great neighbourhood and grateful that I do.

Last night, Haloween '16 was all about building memories for a bunch of youngins and I'm blessed to know that I'm a part of building great neighbhour memories for my young neighbours.

The Neighbourhood kids know my Haloween House and they tell me so. My little buddy Jack knows that someone always (my microphone) gets stuck in my front yard bushes and can't get out. Usually, cold and hungry and asking the little munchkins for some help generates some support. Jack is always willing to give up a pack of his potato chips so that the man who's stuck in the bushes has something to eat. Jack's been coming to my house a long time now. I fondly remember his first introduction, (him thinking I did not know who is was being dressed up for Haloween) being "I'm Jack, you know, Jack from 207 (his house number). Jack's just about at the end of the trick or treating stage ( I told him maybe one more year...maybe). Then there is the one who is pushing the upper limits of the age bracket ,comes to the door after a minute of conversation talking back and forth with the guy who's stuck in the bushes and declares "every year man, every year you get to me".

And I do get into trouble every once in a while. Like the little girl, maybe 4 or 5 with finger pointing at my daughter (while receiving the benefits of coming to the door) declares "this house is too spooky and too loud"

I know she'll be back next year. They all come back. That's why my daughter came back last night.

We all come back to our good memories. Back to when life was not so complicated and still very innocent.

Good memories, good neighbours, good neighbourhoods. Life is good!


My wife was at the post boxes yesterday and struck up a conversation with a lady who said "great job on your house last night".  My wife shared the stroy of the little girl. The lady replied "that was my daughter and she told me that it was the best house and that she was just "tricking us"!!!! She will be back next year!


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